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13Volume 1 of "The 13 Project" Series
Edited by Nick Keller and Francesca Mansfield

Is it lucky or unlucky? Does it conjure tragic events or hilarious ones? Is it a superstitious fear or an obsessive compulsion? Could it be the 13th planet in a distant solar system, the length of a dog’s life or the number of steps it takes to open a creaky door? Could it be the camera that sees into your soul, or the bottle that destroys it? Is it the number of minutes that remain before your fate is sealed or the name of the girl who first captured your heart? Is it the age of discovery or the moment when the ultimate question is answered? Just what is 13?

13 writers know the answer. It’s the year 2013 and for 13 eclectic writers from a half dozen countries, the challenge was to each write an original story in which the number '13' featured prominently. The aim of the project was to inspire 13 original, diverse stories across a spectrum of genres, all connected by the number 13. The total collection would form The Anthology. Our intrepid tale-spinners took on the task and now, some moons later, the result is something quite remarkable, the sum being greater than its unique parts. In this anthology, you’ll be able to discover these 13 intriguing worlds for yourself.

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Latest News: The 2014 anthology will be entitled "Saints and Sinners" and will feature original short stories by 14 talented writers.

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